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Topic for Announcements of Independent Escorts  ( Prostitutes, Hookers, Whores ) & related Informations



Whereas there are so many Adult Club Announcements here in Adult Forum, I saw only a few announcements of freelance Escorts.

My thought was: Why not creating a new topic here for all the independent Escorts in SL, who may use this for their announcements ... and of course also for interested persons, who were looking for Escorts?

I guess, if we freelance Escorts use this as a common topic for all our announcements, it would be permanently listed on top of forum as „recently updated“.

I have no idea, if this really works, but I guess it is worth a try ...  🙂 

If you are a freelance Escort, now write a bit about yourself and which services you offer. I would advise you, not to post your rates here for this should be negotiated via IM with your client, but of course this is your decision. 

If you are a Club owner, please don‘t post your „Hiring Escorts“ announcements here for this a forum topic for FREELANCERS only. Thanks in advance!

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I am an indepedent Escort here in SL.

My rates are calculated by the time you booked me (30 minutes - 3 hours).



I am relatively open for all kinds of sex/fetishes (as long as they are legal)


  • Normal Sex / Threesome (m/m/f and m/f/f) / Gangbang / Rough Sex / Forced Sex / BDSM Sex
  • Role Play (all kinds of)
  • Dirty Talk (only text chat, no voice chat, no video chat!)
  • C*m shots on my face and body (I am using premium body c*m system)
  • Mama Alpa Sex: F*ck me without Condom with a chance to make me pregnant
  • Full Submission: Use my Open Collar as Master, treat me as your private Sex Toy / Sex Slave. Capture me, leash me, Blindfold and Mouthgag me / take me leashed to Public Places (Public Disgrace), ...
  • Photo shootings: Take photos of my Avatar during the time you booked me
  • Watch me having Sex with others (your partner, friends, random people in Adult Clubs, etc.) / Watch me masturbating (on Sybian) or playing with a large bottle 😉 
  • Striptease / Pole Dance
  • Massage Service with „happy end“ 😉

These are only examples. During the time you booked me you are free to combine the services the way you like it. 

And if you are looking for something special, ask me for it .....



  • We could use my own Home Location, a luxury apartement full of adult furniture 
  • or we could go to your Home Location 
  • or a place you like (Adult Areas with free entrance / if there is a entrance/member fee required, you have to pay for me of course)



  • English
  • Deutsch (german)



  • Contact Me!








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