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High quality sandwich platter for a cafe

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I've been searching around for a nice high quality mesh platter of sandwiches to place inside of a display case in a cafe, similar to the photos of ones attached below. It would be awesome if it also offered a sandwich to eat when you touched it. Fewer prims the better of course. Does anyone know of anything like this, or anyone able/willing to make one? I am definitely willing to pay. sandwich-platter.jpg.33b2b5d32870d9902d8c326ca0905f32.jpgSoho-platters00095.thumb.jpg.d9694fee0c3ef6b16d2bbfe6c7440701.jpg

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I have way too much pixel food. Some nice mesh sandwiches I own are:
- O.M.E.N - Summer Time - Deli Sandwich https://gyazo.com/0ece7d71b9e0b0aea0e96dd41a3b1501 
- *tentacio* Sandwich set https://gyazo.com/304ca5bc63226b6bd6a0a2c9685dd116
Also, for a clickable food that attaches to someone: 
*BE* or BellEquipe has some great food and you can click it to have some! I thought they had sandwiches but I just looked and they have burgers and other treats instead, for example:
- Also, not sandwich/burger but also some other clickable food they have is https://gyazo.com/92a3dbfdbdb0348e388339f42d45050c and others! Super cute and really good quality.

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