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Baubles, Bangles and Beads...

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Baubles, Bangles and Beads...I love them in rl and sl!  

Tell me your favorites.  For me...

Mesh Bodies:  KUNGLERS, CHAIN, and MANDALA.  I love EARTHSTONES and MAXI GOSSAMER a lot but cannot afford 500-600 lindens at this time without a demo.  I'm thinking about it though; we'll see kind of thing.  Got to budget it in slowly cuz I have other expenses right now.   

Classic Bodies:  Mandala (100 AND LESS AREA); and search the 10 linden areas in the jewelry section on MP, there are some cute ones.  LA FORGIA JEWELS has some great 10 linden pieces though can be high in complexity but great for photos to add a touch of something different....and my mesh body can still wear these, you just have to resize.  (Resize:  Usually click on necklace and a resize menu drops down.)

I still use some of my freebies and gifts I had for my classic on my mesh body.

p.s.  My complexity went to half a million with one necklace.  Crazy!  It's an older type...I guess there is a script in every bead.  Scripts sometimes will not delete for me.  

p.s.s. I put the names in capitals in case anyone wants to go through the thread and see the names.  

I'd like to find more jewelry stores...so let me know where you shop.

The Free Dove has some cute free pieces too!  

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Except on very rare occasions jewellery's not something i go out of my way to shop for or specifically shop for most of the stuff i own has been hunt/event freebies. That said i have parted with money on things from Cae https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55816 the complexity of 2-3 necklaces i wear from there is very reasonable along with 4-5 other jewellery pieces i regularly wear from other places including Zoom & Avaway my total complexity can come in as low as under 40k

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