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Reasons Why RP sims fail.

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On 7/30/2020 at 8:27 PM, animats said:

I've been walking through New Babbage recently, taking pictures. So few people are there. It's a whole city, 14 sims, so well built and maintained, and nobody home. Many available rentals, too; I've never seen so many "For Rent" carts before. If you want to live in the mists of Quarry Hill and have a big house, you can.

I visited several times between 2010-2011, so years ago. Wonderful place but it was empty then also

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a former RP sim owner and experienced role player, race leader, and RP business owner, here are my conclusions about why so many RP sims on second life fail 1. Owner/Admin attitudes "My way

Another thing I'd suggest people to consider is building to RL scale. It takes some getting used to, especially camera wise, but if you make things according to the scale of a prim, you can fit enti

$229 USD = $331 AUD so that is still a car payment for some of us. The so-called reduction in price (what was it? $20?) doesn't translate well enough over here to warrant investment, at least not here

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themed rp is on the outs. free form rp is on the rise. its more about the freedom then the story. most forced themed rp sims don't so well and have very few loyal patrons because it gets boring and the story stagnates or the direction the story tries to evolve goes against what most were happy with.

it takes die hard fans of a genre or story to keep it alive and there really isn't a lot of those kinds of people in sl anymore.

I've seen a few sims die off or loose activity because of that.. the sim owner decides to take the story in a new direction different from what it originally was and then expects all the patrons to just blindly follow along.. then gets surprised when they don't and they stop coming around as much and participate less and less until it dies out; or its just a very few die hard fans that have bought too much items from the sim and don't want to see it die because of the fear of the waste of money spent on the items. so hold on to a dying dream in hopes that it might come back to life when it usually doesn't.

same reasons why most console or other computer games eventually die out. too many radical changes to the story.. too many micro transactions for the story for products for the story aka you dont have xyz then your out of loops with the current plot line. if you dont invest xyz hours into it daily/weekly your behind and now have no place in it compared to other members.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 247 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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