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Just venting a little | Clothing issue..again.

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I just needed to vent a little bit. I'm not going to name any specific creators as plenty do this, also I'm not here to take business away from anyone (not that I sincerely think my one opinion can affect anybody). I understand that with clothing and with so many diverse mesh bodies out there, we as customers must make good use of our common sense/our fashion smart to utilize the Alpha Hud provided by the mesh body to hide the body parts that stick out through clothing. In this case, a creator is making items with the undress me option (meaning the clothing item reveals a buttock/breast/tummy on purpose when that area is clicked on/touched) and somehow the pelvis or breast area clashes through the clothing, almost as if I'm wearing the wrong body for it but I'm not. When I contacted the CSR, she replied "First of all, **** products are only made for Maitreya. **** made some clothes for other bodies in the past but now she only makes products for Maitreya.If there are problems with the hud or products in the future even when you're wearing Maitreya, try to do re-delivery. If it doesn't help, feel free to contact me again :)".

I took a bit of an offense to that " First of all", lol almost as if I went out of my way to nag her about mesh bodies the brand isn't advertising for, isn't creating for and absolutely do not reflect in demo and actual products the various bodies showcased (but they do). Yes, yes .. I did try a demo prior to purchasing but at the time I had only owned the Maitreya Lara body and I now wear a different one. Yes, I am wearing the latest version of my current body ( not Maitreya). Yes yes.. the Maitreya Lara body is very popular and has become the standard for a lot of creators out there but this is still not fair, the response was not appropriate. This product was not old and if you are advertising for other mesh bodies besides Maitreya, it's only fair to the paying customer that the item.. fits properly, that they are not forced into a shape they're not comfy with, or perhaps avoid  false advertising if you are not devoted to aiding your customers.

My frustration will probably fall into the void. It's completely my fault that at the time of purchase, I did not own every single mesh body advertised in the product, to test each mesh body for accuracy and THEN purchase it. Mistakes happen, glitches occur.. however to make a customer feel as if it's their fault for not assuming that the product you are showcasing/advertising for several mesh bodies only fit Maitreya, that isn't okay. I will move on but yeah I needed to vent.

I am fine.. 🙃

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edited because of similarity to another post.. of mine.
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