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What's a good height for building?

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I've read here and been told that building above a certain height poses problems. Was building a skybox at 3800 m, and things just would not stay aligned after linking.

Building at ground level is obviously not always doable. so what's a good height for a building platform? Mesh build, btw. No idea if that matters or not :)

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First of, the highest height that you can build at is 4096 meters up in the air. This is a hard limit, unless this has been changed. 

The problem in your case is the mesh part. Mesh will deform in weird ways, the higher up you go.
This can for example be observed when looking closely at your mesh head, most especially around the mouth and eyes. For the most dramatic effect, have go up to 8192 meters (you can fly higher, but FS will only TP you to 8192 when using the gth command) and look at your face. Don't worry, this does no permanent damage, it just looks weird. 

Anyway, although it may not entirely fix the issue, setting your build platform or skybox at a height between, say 1500 and 2500 should improve things. Try that and let us know how that goes.

Here's an example of what happens to a Mesh head at higher altitudes (click to enlarge). 

Closeup of eye

Closeup of mouth


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Adding example of mesh deformation at higher altitudes.
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Second life uses again some float 32 bits .

24 bits from these 32 bits  are used for the significand precision

Around 4000 meters , 12 bits are used for the integer part , 12 for the fractionnal part, so you can t expect a precision better than 1/4096 meters , around 4 millimeters gor any regional measures

In addition the innacuracies can be amplified by the rotations along one regional axis


The only solution is IF and WHEN second life will use 64 bits for coordinates


For the "good height" to build , the answer is , more you are close to the point 0,0,0 , more accurate will be your builds . It s not only the height  :The influence in in the X axis and the Y axis can  be strog too if they are closed to 255

If you can t , avoid at the maximum to use world frame   in the build window tool  , and build uniquely  in local frame 

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I put a large platform in 2500 m height. The platform has 6 buttons. By clicking on one of the buttons a rezzer script starts and a complete Skybox with a lot of furniture rezzes automatically. I made it, to create different scenarios for my land (Living Room, Club, Roman Bath, etc.) and I am switching very often between those scenarios. The platform itself I am using to create my clothes and to build furniture. Using this solution for 2 month now,  and never had a problem with building and with linking of objects, so i suggest you to try 2,500 m as height.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1386 days.

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