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Maitreya body issue


Hey there,

I have a problem with the form of my Avatar, since i crashed the last time i had the problem that my Catwa head wont rez, i cleared the browser cache, got my head redelivered, nothing worked, after that i reinstalled firestorm, which i usually use and it worked well again, however my Maitreya body is deformed now, and no matter what i try it keeps being deformed 


If i use Second life viewer my body looks normal, however, everyone who uses firestorm sees me like in the picture above,

I'm quite desperated, no matter what i do, nothing seems to solve the problem :(

Thanks in advance for any advise i can get.




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I've talked with a couple of FS users that were having problems similar to yours. Try asking in the Firestorm Support group in-world. From 1 to 4 PM SLT is when the most people are online and the more likely time to get an answer. You may have to ask at different times of day.

In the worst case of no answer file a Firestorm JIRA bug report.

Some mesh items are not rezzing, only partially rezzing, or not rezzing correctly. Cache clears, reinstall, clean install, relogs, computer/modem restarts aren't helping.

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