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This week at |THE SOURCE| Club and Coffeehouse and the Matrix of Musick SIM



FRIDAY 9th August

7PM: DJ Siouxie presents [Remixes & Mashups] (|THE SOURCE|)

9PM: DJ Jude presents [Rock/Rap/Rave/Remix] (|THE SOURCE|)

SATURDAY 10th August

6PM: RADIOHEAD presented by Lightning Productions (Anderson Park)
[See separate event listings for more concert details]

7:30PM: DJ Siouxie presents Pandora's Box (|THE SOURCE|)

9:30PM: DJ Jude presents Magic Carpet Ride (|THE SOURCE|)

SUNDAY 11th August

5PM: DJ Mental presents The RIOT (|THE SOURCE|)

MONDAY 12th August

7PM: DJ Catrie presents The Cat's Meow (|THE SOURCE|)

TUESDAY 13th August

5PM: DJ Mental presents The RIOT (|THE SOURCE|)

7PM: DJ Siouxie presents Themed Show (|THE SOURCE|)


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Bay/189/120/24

Simulcast on http://XRadio.Zone


Also visit the SIM to have fun playing in the Fairground and Gaming Arcade.

Visit the Moon and the Planetarium!

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