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Hello! I script a helicopter, it flies very well, but I would like it to fly a little faster. and also so that it flew forward, I constantly press the forward button W. when I release it, the helicopter flies a little forward, but stops pretty quickly. how to make it fly faster and continue to fly much longer ahead after releasing the key? and I don’t know if the parameters section or control affects this. help me please!


And how to make that when i turn off the engine, the helicopter does not hang in the air, but falls to the ground? or maybe I want the impossible?

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Based on what little you've given us to work with, I'd suggest a larger flux-capacitor...


Have a look at the wiki page on vehicles and seek parameters controlling decay, particular those on velocity. Also look up the lllTakeControls page, you will be looking through the script for the areas where the forward key is pressed and then released, and tracking where the script then goes.

For your second part, I'd suggest transforming it into a balloon

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