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Looking for volunteer rper's for an educational, living museum

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Do you have an interest in Tudor, England? Have you always wanted to learn more about this intriguing and pivotal period? If yes, Renaissance Island’s Parish of Reading Primley may be the place for you!  We are looking for volunteers to roleplay in a small English village.
At Renaissance Island we learn through doing. Whatever education, general interest, or roleplaying experience you have, this is an opportunity to participate in a living museum.
Mix healing remedies in the apothecary! Stage a play at the Globe Theatre! There are many ideas as to how a Globe Theatre came to be in our Parish! Share a glass of cider at the pub—we’ve been told it’s the best in all the land! Create a book or tell a story! Partake of a jousting tournie or some en garde! Attend a period music concert--or play a tune yourself! There are many, many ways to participate!

Residency is not a requirement; i.e. you can roleplay without having to rent (though we are always very appreciative for those who do). You do not even have to be human! Although period clothing is unnecessary for visitors, for those wanting to be part of the Parish, it is required; otherwise, it might call too much attention to ourselves. We’ve done well to not have had any accusations of witchcraft over the years! We’ve also never been visited by the plague. Some say it is because of the cats that roam; others say that it’s the vapors that emanate from our sacred well. We are a very welcoming Parish, as a result.
Renaissance Island can never be 100% authentic (the streets are too clean for starters!) but we can take certain measures. Ours is a journey to authenticity as we learn more about the period and building/scripting advances. For instance, birds and quadraped animal avatars need to be species that one would find in a Tudor parish or native to England. There was a time a visiting elephant escaped….

There are several options for characters:


Librarian (the sim is sponsored by a library organization, after all!)
Manor servants
Theatre Director
Children (Real life adults wearing a child avatar)
Tavern Keeper
From time to time the Parish may need to contribute to a militia, which in turn would need to have practice and exercises. So far, we’ve never been invaded by outside forces

Farm animals (especially sheep)
Birds native to England
Or, pitch us an idea!

Contact Amza Hydraconis via notecard or at amza.hydraconis@gmail.com for more information, questions and/or a tour.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 534 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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