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Marja Geesink

adjusting poses ,broken

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hi all 

several times i have adjusted the poses in furniture 

often it is suddenly broken 

i can not even get the menu open 

so i take it back and put it down again 

then all old settings are back 

the ones i worked on to adjust  is all gone 


how can i let my adjust poses stays ???

it is everytime a lot of work 




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It is impossible to answer without knowing exactly what system your furniture is using to control animations and what permissions you have.  However, I suspect that you are using AvPos, simply because it is a very commonly used system.  If so, you can only make permanent adjustments by modifying the configuration notecard in the furniture.  If you do not modify it properly, the notecard will be unreadable. Then, if the menu will not open, that is usually a signal that the script has stalled -- because it cannot read the notecard, maybe? -- and needs to be restarted. Of course, restarting the script will make it lose any stored information, as you have discovered.  

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with AvSitter the way to safely store changes is:

1) make an adjustment to an animation(s)

2) press [SAVE] button

3) Repeat 1) and 2) until all animations are adjusted

4) press [DUMP] button

5) copy paste the dumped text output from open chat to the AvPos notecard in the furniture.

more details here: https://avsitter.com/#chatcommands


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