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Community Support Rep Needed

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Klimact Roleplay Solutions, built by Touco Direct LLC is looking for a Community Support Rep for the project. You would be answering support tickets from sim admins, deploying new sites for new sims, and completing some update tasks on the sites. Our product is delivered through Wordpress so experience with Wordpress is extremely helpful but you do not need to know how to code as most support actions will be in the Wordpress interface. You may be asked to do a demo in Discord for a potential new clients or answer questions in our Discord channel. You also may be asked to visit certain events to discuss the product with potential users for our sales department. Some voice is required but not often. Video is never required.

Experience Required:

  • Wordpress (no coding required)
  • Discord
  • Roleplay Sims


  • Voice Communication
  • Your Real Life Information for Non-Disclosure Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreement (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Time zone must between UTC+2 and UTC-8 (any time zones within that are fine)
  • Fluent English Speaking and Writing


  • Commensurate with experience
  • If in Linden: L$2500-L$3250 per hour
  • If in USD: $10-13 per hour (Independent Contractor Status Required, 1099 will be issued for tax purposes for US Citizens)
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll (Direct Deposit available for US Citizens, Paypal for Non-US if taking the USD option, Linden paid directly to account on pay dates)

Work Schedule:

  • 5 hours or less per week (1 hour per day)
  • CheckIn call 15 minutes a week
  • Set your own schedule

To apply, go to https://klimact.com/recruitment/ to complete an application.

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Well, it is official. We are a registered Limited Liability Company, no different than getting a job as a remote worker with Twitter or Facebook. Experience is required unfortunately. I hope you find what you are looking for in your SL.

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1 hour ago, DjEspektro Aeon said:

Couldn't send the application. Contact me inworld.

If you get the "spam" notification, you can notecard the questions from the application and send it to me inworld. Our spambot uses honeypot and gives false positives from time to time. It has locked me out before, too.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 547 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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