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Candee, can you give more detail?

If you look like a pulsing cloud, it's a case of "bake fail".  See this link for things to try: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail

If you are completely, or partly, invisible, then you are wearing an "alpha mask" layer.  An alpha mask is intended to hide part or all of your body so that it doesn't poke through your clothes or another "mesh" body that's worn over it.  You have two choices:

  1. Look in your inventory (CTRL+I) in the Current Outfit folder.  Find any items that have the symbol of a little shirt with a grid pattern on it, and/or the word "alpha" in their name.  Right click them and choose Take Off or Remove from Current Outfit.
  2. Or, look in the inventory folder Library\Clothing\Initial Outfits.  Each folder there is a complete avatar.  Find the one that you were wearing, or choose any other one that you wish.  Drag the folder from inventory and drop it onto your avatar, or right click it and choose Replace Outfit.

Also, maybe you can't see your avatar because you're looking in the wrong place!  Normally, you have a "camera", a viewpoint that is a little behind and above your avatar.  That person you see facing away from you is...you.  You can move that camera viewpoint by "camming" to see other things around you, and even swing around to see yourself from the front.  For more on this, see my blog post, "Camming."

The default camera position can be changed, and sometimes it seems to change itself.  Try hitting ESC a few times.  If that doesn't work, try SHIFT+ESC, or SHIFT+ESC+9.

Besides the normal third person "follow" position, there's another way to view the world called "Mouselook".  This is a first person view, where you are "looking through your avatar's eyes."  Of course, you can't see yourself!  Try hitting M, or ESC, or rolling your mouse's scroll wheel back to exit Mouselook.

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There are many types of computers and several brands/models of viewers. Plus, there are 2 basic types of avatar, Classic or Mesh. There are also a number of ways to hide the avatar for various purposes. Without knowing information to narrow the possible causes, we guess and you get to try all our bad guesses until to hit a good one.

Lindal gave you the common fixes for the common problems. Next time try adding a bit of background for the problem.

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