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One other for post apoc RP

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Looking for another to rp a post-apocalyptic theme with two others (one predator, and one already captured prey).  I’m not too sure if this is in the right place, due to it’ll likely end in a long term capture (IC only).  Very dark themed, and like to hear from those who enjoy that kind of thing.    I rp a large humanoid wolf (a monster of that world), but other than that follow a realistic theme.

Pref avi female.  Long term RP.  Around 7-10pm SLT and maybe frequency of 1-2 times a week.  Have a themed place for this.

That’s the technical side of this, I’ve put a small preamble of the world in as text below.  Love to hear from those who immerse with their avi in fantasy worlds.  Direct message here, this has been done on an alt for more info's. 




Year 2025, but no one really keeps track of the year. But many have passed since the event that destroyed civilization. What happened doesn’t really matter, it’s unclear and seemed to be a series of events…with power gone, there’s no news of the outside, only knowledge what happens locally. No one knows of their loved ones in other cities or states. The urban cities are death traps…not only do the predators hunt there, but other survivors. Resources are scarce…tinned food is so valuable, and one never knows how they’ll make the next few days.

He has cleverly used a female to lure his victims. Females are more trusting. Its human nature, can’t be helped. He keeps her for his amusement and for his sadistic lust to inflict suffering on his prey. She does what she can to survive and as dismal and distant as it is…hope. Hope there is a future for her…somehow, someway. There’s always rumours of some distant place doing well…but it’s always far and very risky to travel such distances through unknown places. Many die trying to find such places…and a few find out, they’re just rumours.

Those alive are survivors, smart and have been vigilant, resilient, tapping into personal strengths they never knew existed till they had no choice but to test themselves with life and death challenges. The few percent left of the human population now live in a way, not one ever imagined years ago back with civilized comforts. Remaining vigilant, where even comforting fires are dangerous due to their smoke and light, always being aware of simple things that might advertise your presence, is mentally exhausting way to live.

Never safe, always reminded of the dead, the fear of being captured and hung from a lamp post wrapped in barb wire to die, another tortured victim dead and left to always give anguish to those alive. Such sights are challenging…and many times it’ll seem so much easier to simply lie in a ditch, and never get up again. The few who are left have a strength they never knew that was in themselves. Life before this was so easy, and the problems then, so trivial.



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