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Seeking a long-term para rper partner

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Oh, hello. 

I'm opening a sim with my friends on August 9th and I'm looking for a knight in shining armour to save my character from some dire ass circumstances. Our sim is rooted in supernatural so you must be okay with rping in that world even though my character, Olivia, is human. 

What do I want? I want someone active. Someone who paras. Someone who just doesn't want to bone my pixels. I want someone who is creative and willing to contribute to a story. I like pretty avi's. I like writerly posts. I'm married in RL so I'm not looking for anything OOC. It's just not my style, fam. 

Let's chat or something.

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He strolled into view of the full-length mirror and squared his shoulders, pleased with the immaculate tailoring his suit presented. The Brioni complemented his clean-shaven perfection as far as Tristan saw it, but this young man was hard-pressed to ever count his own personal flaws. The mistakes of others, however, were another matter completely. Altogether too numerous and infuriating for him to count, capable of snapping the hairline trigger that kept him calm and composed, it was a missing button that caused scarab-black eyes to fill with murder. An error, this, for which someone swiftly needed to pay. A shame, perhaps, that the only outlet present was a several months pregnant woman dozing in the next room.


It was fine. He didn’t even think about it. He never did. There wasn’t anything money couldn’t buy.


((message Lucyelaine if you want to play off against my char. Please someone end him, he’s horrible 😆 and of course this is RP only, storytelling, etc etc))

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