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🌴 Paradise Desires - Call for Staff! 🌴

We would like to present you our unique vision of haven for kinky minds and music aficionados: Paradise Desires.
Paradise Desires is an island, constituted by three major regions:
    Main Club Floor for Adult Entertainment in the center, Two Live Music Venues by the beach (Beach Venue/Formal Venue) , and Free Sex Areas...
We are looking for experienced Hosts/Hostesses, talented DJs to bring us memorable nights...
We are also looking for Female Freelance Dancers/Escorts to join us... tease and entice with us at Paradise Desires.
We aim to bring our performers, seductresses and guests low-lag and laid back experiences while they enjoy the finest music on the grid. We invite you to drop by and indulge yourself a little bit in our alluring version of paradise.
Please contact us in-world to express your interests.
Arrange an interview with us today!


Call for Staff
    Freelance Dancer/Escort
Keep 100% of your earnings!
For more information and details, please drop by our Main Club Floor...
Click on the Group Joiner board to get LMs, Rules, and all Staff Requirements.


🏖 We are looking forward to hearing from you!
     Contact us In-world:
P.D. Owners: Paradise Delight
, Desire4all
P.D. Officer: Kitty8230

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