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Avatar with deformed skeleton, manual weight paint

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Hello! I am trying to create an avatar using machinimatrix workbench and I had to bend the skeleton, I decided to try to set the weight manually and applied the armature with empty weight groups. Weight painted and checked all in pose mode, part of the bones i don't use and deleted them from weight groups window. i applied rotation, location and scale to the skeleton and to the model, created a static pose. but the avatar is distorted when uploading and pose dont work proper. please tell me what was wrong?

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11 hours ago, Sunbleached said:

I suspect that the reason is that I first attached the armature, and only then deformed it

The order for a successful custom joint position is the following:

  • Edit your skeleton to conform to the avatar
  • In Pose Mode, CTRL+A "Apply pose as rest pose"
  • Rig
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