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I am looking for a job as a manager, DIR, EXE or CEO

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Helo everyone, my name is Lucas from Argentina, I am looking for a job as a manager,director, EXE or CEO in order to achieve all the objectives set for your club.


  1. Great performance and verifiable experience.
  2. Use of discord for chat Staff communication.
  3. Knowledge of Google Sheets for live team verification and weekly calendar.
  4. Knowledge of the Metabolt program in case it is used in your club.
  5. Daily, weekly and event SPAM through the social network Facebook.
  6. Ability to fully control all your managers on a weekly basis of your specific SPAM.
  7. Ability to verify daily or weekly traffic of your club and its competition.
  8. Knowledge of interviews for hiring new staff.
  9. Training for host, announcement time, typical and important phrases for your club.
  10. Training for future Managers and Host.
  11. Ability to motivate new VIPS to enter your club.
  12. Close team in time and form.
  13. Ability to recommend DJs and Host for your club in all styles of music you want.
  14. Availability part time between 4 to 8 hours a day depending on the payment.
  15. Security Basic and important knowledge of Ban and Eject about your group and Land Sim.

Weekly salary plus payment per session.

SL Date: 12/26/2009 

Name inworld: LθΓDLЦCΛЅ (lordlucas.stormcrow)

I have a lot of experience in job club  for more than 5 years, I like to interact with people and feel comfortable with the session. Always valuing responsibility staff, team work and respect.

----Work Experience---- 🙌

  1. Club Palma  ( was manager)
  2. Club Rumba / Host
  3. Club Fantasia  / Host
  4. Club  Vacilon / Host and Rpp
  5. Club  TnL  / Host
  6. Club Toontopia / Host
  7. After Dark Night Club /  Host
  8. Club Vide / Host
  9. Club Coco Loko / Host
  10. Club Tejado de la gata / Host and Personal Host Owner
  11. Club Rock In Rio music  / Host and Personal Host Owner
  12. Club Dejavu / Host
  13. Club After  night / Host
  14. Club Mar de Copas ( assistant General  and Host  )
  15. Club SOHO  ( was host,manager, Dir and  EXE )
  16. Songo Rumba Club / Host
  17. Club Rock and warehouse / Host
  18. Club Sybarite / Host
  19. Club  Darkstar / Host
  20. Club Exhale / Host
  21. Club Qclub / Host
  22. Club The Loft / Host
  23. Club Sonar / Host
  24. Club Duplex / Host
  25. Club Silky tunes / Host
  26. Club Mare / Host
  27. Club comundiad Vale Todo / Host
  28. Club Latin Mix / Host
  29. Club Mia  /  Host and personal Host Owner
  30. Club Oxid /  Host and personal Host Owner
  31. Club Latin Mix / Host
  32. Club Dava fusion  / Host

Host Company and community of Second Life Orchard Heights ( web: http://aidentigra.wixsite.com/orchardheights

Event organizer of the ancient world  ( Group  secondlife:///app/group/f0a4b9ab-883c-cace-4629-dd2b8335b076/about )

helper and tester Ura Kombat meter and Hit Meter.  Contact  inworld SL --  URA Kombat (uraquitan.matova)  - HIT Meter ( HiT Spot ).

Jurassic World Music Festival  Hired for   22,23,24 June 2018

Among other clubs in which I have had a great experience over the years

Host of events and fights of ancient world (Ancient Roleplay)

In addition to all kinds of events with theme, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, beach, Andalusia, Valentine's Day, pool, ligh ts, beer, police and thieves, carnival etc.

-------------------------Current works of 2019-----------------------------------------------------------









----General of Rome - RPG Ancient World SL 2019--- 🌎

Empire Alexandreia ( System Ura Kombat meter)

Thank you for your time, do not forget to send your job offer by notecard or by application inworld to LordLucas Stormcrow.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1365 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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