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In the spotlight: Do you have that ONE thing?

Morena Tully

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This thread is dedicated to that one addition to your home that makes it home for you. The one thing that warms your heart. Maybe it was the first thing that everything else got themed around, maybe it was added, and you knew you succeeded in making this YOUR place now. It might be a little clutter thing, it might be a wallpaper, it might even be the perfect look you got in a nook. But whatever it is, it stands out as your favorite, and something that will always stay even if you remodel.

For me, that thing was an old rusty bug in my driveway. I love it so much, it makes it feel like home, because I had one very much like it. It made things so real and happy for me, it's THAT thing!


Old Bug.png

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23 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

I have two... my Wild Rumpus clock and my lucky cat. The cat just because I love it, the clock for personal sentimental value. 

The Clock

The Cat

That reminds me.. It's story-time!  You have great taste, Beth :)  wait, how do I get a video to show.. sheesh


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There are a couple of things that make it home in the Traditional house my alt/main (not sure what to call it when I use them both equally) shares with my husband. 

The B&W pics are photos I have taken in RL and some of those are hang on the walls in my RL home. I love derelict building and collect analogue cameras in RL. Another thing is the wandering Jian Boston Terrier. Now this one makes considerably less noise and is less needy than the BT we have (but I wouldn't say no to another one) 

B&W PICS.jpg


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I have two things (three technically) but one and two are almost always combined as they are in the first picture; my wall of photos. Every home I've ever had in SL has always had these or something similar because to me pictures capture the essence of family and home. In my original Quad style LH I had an entire wall covered in photos that I was taking even back then as a noob; RP I was involved in, regions I liked, myself trying out new looks; I was like some crazy tourist capturing everything to frame on my wall. That continues right to this very day. The style of frames may have changed over the years just like the images inside them but there remains one constant: the framed quote at the top. It has hung on the wall in every rental or home I've had for the last however-many years it's been since I found it, even the homes I had when I was involved with role play.

"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what."


To me that sums up relationships (be it friendships or otherwise) in Second Life perfectly.

The other "thing" that makes my home feel like a home is this little... um... "angel" shown below, my Zooby Animesh baby Riley. 


As odd as a fake baby is to some, to me she's more than just prims or mesh or a money pit; she's a little virtual daughter. For medical reasons I could never bear children and SL allows me the ability to have just a slight taste of that. Before she came along I had others to fill the role (sculpty babies, or just static props, and I had an adopted child avatar once upon a time) but Riley is by far the more realistic at least in terms of animations and sounds. As soon as I saw the Zooby animesh advertisement on Facebook I knew I had to return to SL and have one. This was just before the Linden Homes were released too so I knew prims would be tight, but I literally planned my décor around her. When it comes to decorating Riley is rezzed first and all the other décor and furnishings comes secondary. She's LI heavy and takes up one-third of my prim allowance but I sacrifice other things if I have to just to be able to rez her. Sure she doesn't talk back or really "do" anything, but without her it's not a home it's just a pretty building. ❤️ 

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@RaeLeeH, love every word in your post. Family is not made of people we are genetically related, but the ones that have won a place in our heart. Enjoy your little girl, you're a lovely person and you deserve it, she's adorable by the way!!!

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40 minutes ago, Opal Gustafson said:

Fun post. My "thing" is Zlatan. He makes my house a real home 😍 A old and primmy VKC dog. He is one of my first pets in SL and first to come out wherever i live.



Aww, my partner has an old VKC dog and he feels the same way about it! ♥️

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One of the things that I always have rezzed out in my home, is the Wizarding Frog Prince from a gacha, it's from more than several years ago.

Not because it's a wizarding frog, but because it's the Frog Prince, a fairy tale of The Brothers Grimm I loved as a child. The object is so beautifully done, and it's animated, and croaks too. It's adorable and I keep it by my bedside (appropriate).

The creator is of Beetlebones, not sure if she's very active in SL any longer. It was the rare of the set from a Fantasy Faire, I think.

I also always, have photos from my RL in my virtual homes also; Ghosty, our kitties, and travels . Even though I can turn around and see all of those right next to me in RL - I like surrounding my SL home with them as well. Oh and there's usually a hidden llama object somewhere too - many will understand that reference 😋

Favorite Things


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That one thing for me is a porch swing.  I have one (by What Next) at each one of my homes.  Of course I have one in my 1st life (not by What Next :)).  I find it to be very relaxing in both worlds.






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I'd have to say the one thing I tend to try to find the prims for to rez out are my instruments. I love to sit and play my cello and either a piano or harpsichord I have.  I've modified both with many great songs and added in bento playing animations for my own enjoyment. And yes, I have my land set so sounds from my parcel do not extend out to offend any nearby neighbors. 😉 I should add in, the Intan my husband and I have had for 13 years, with many new dances added in. Where we go, it comes along.




Intan Couples Dance Machine (disguised as a hot air balloon candle)

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Just now, Layla Claven said:

@Pixie Kobichenko We only have one Boston in RL but I seem to collect them in SL ( I don't keep the Zooby BT and stuff out due to prims)

At least you can't smell them in SL. I knew they had a reputation for being a bit smelly but they can clear a room.

Oh mine are stupendous gas creators.  When we brought the first one home, we drove to another state to get him- and about halfway back home we'd already pulled over to make sure he wasn't ill or had worms.... His sidekick is no better  lol.  But I love them with my whole heart.  


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