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L$20k - scripter/web developer/builder

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Hello, I am looking for an experienced scripter/web developer/builder to get my business going.  I'm looking for a time frame of 30 days id like to see the finished product.

I need a breedable system that has access to the web with accounts that can view and edit almost everything.

(i have a php breedable system if you want to build off of it)

I need the website developed and designed and secure with breedable info, forums, products, helpdesk/support ticket system, player profiles, stats, etc

Breedables Created/mapped/scripted/animated/designed


Mesh Potions


1 small/1 medium/1 large/1 xl crates with logo area and open close effect for shipping and carrying

Themed Breedable Vendor Stall

and a few other odds and ends.

Please send me a message with you name, email address, a link to resume/portfolio, list experience, and if you think you can do it with-in 30 days or not and i'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


I'm willing to pay L$20,000, at L$5,000 a week contingent upon progress.  I will pay for upload fee's just document them well with screenshots.  I also will pay for the website/host/server when you need me to so you can get started.  All items will and should be original content and I will want all original files and licencing's.

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Sounds like something you really need to have experience doing yourself, especially when something goes wrong.

You're relying on third parties to create EVERY aspect of your application which only means support will either be a nightmare for you or just non-existent for your customers.

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Thank you for that input definitely a valid response.  I can agree, I know the general basics of scripting lsl htlm htp mysql but i def dont know the odds and the ends.  I'm hoping that during the project i'll learn more.  Also taking classes for lsl but its a slow class so wont be master lsl scripter for awhile. But i assure you I am committed to this project through and through and i'll be learning every aspect along the way even if i have to invest hours upon hours of research.  This project is something i been wanting to do, and not just in second life.  Second life just gave me the platform to do it.  

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The price is too low, in itself.


For just a website design and hosting (hosting one year), I charge people $250 USD (on average). THat converted is $L 75962.50.


Ofc I do this IRL so there's that too.


But 20K Lindens is only a little over $65 USD so yeah... tha's low as hell for what you want done here. You are asking for a hell of a lot.

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Awesome JudeConnors, that was extremely eye awakening.  Didn't realize that maybe the price was the issue not the request.  Thank you for that.


IRL, aye? Maybe you'd like to give me an estimate on what the project would cost? Maybe take it on yourself?  Not ebenezer scrooge over here, wasn't trying to get one over.  Would appreciate the expertise beyond belief.

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Just creating the breedable pet itself is probably going to cost at least $US1000. Script animating and/or animeshing is a long tedious process, not to mention creating a formula that generates a unique pet out of the milllion and one variations,  and all the attributes that the breedable should have. 1000 might even be too low, I've heard some crazy amounts offered (US5k upwards) and that's without a web database.  


But if you've found someone to do it cheaper then God help them they're probably crying themselves to bed lol.

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the issue is that anyone who can do this well in short time, is a very accomplished and skilled person. Without this level of skills yourself then this person would, to be fair to them, be looking to hire you, and not you hire them. You meaning the royal you, a person to do sales, marketing and customer support for them. That support person either being on commission or wages

based on what you have said about yourself, then I think you might consider advertising for a partner. Somebody nearer your own current level, who has some skills that compliment yours, and together you work on bringing a product to market, however long that might be

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There are a lot of problems with what you requested or needed done in the time frame and money wise.   

Assuming you want this programmer/scripter to create their own original code from scratch for a breedable, the work alone is going to take longer than 30 days.  This isnt a project you can rush, and skilled or not, this particular project is going to take a while towards completion.  

Basic breedable is going to be comprised of:




Advanced dialog system to control certain aspects of the breedable

A way for it to gain some form of happiness 

Cycles of sleep and being awake

Encryption system to project the messages being sent back and forth from dragon and other objects.


Subject of money

Initial amount of money you would need to pay to have a website created with custom content, database, usernames and login information plus a forum could range 1500 usd just for that, and for the breedable itself could range above 3000 usd. 

There also phases of testing the breedable as well to make sure the functionality is just right.

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As someone that has worked as part of a TEAM that does this    -----

A.  Your project is really more than one job. Very few people would know how to do all the parts of what you need well. 

B.  The folks that I know (and indeed myself when I was still in the biz) make $90 and hour doing this in real life. Note that there is NO "L" in front of that number, it is a US dollars quote.  


I suggest that you readjust both your time frame and your payment plan.      Don't mean to rain on your parade, but getting anyone to do what you want for how much you are willing to pay is a bit like that needle in a haystack thing.    The BEST you could do would be to get some partners who would be willing to do the work for a portion of the profits.  That is tricky also, but the only possible scenario that I can see that might work.  


Good luck. 




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 394 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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