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Phoenixflames Kukulcan

FireStorm a 20k Prim Private Island for Lease

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Full 20000 Prim Private Island.  ONLY L$14999/wk.  NOT a Homestead!

FireStorm Region

Estate Manager rights included.

Just one sim available at this price, do whatever you choose.  Available NOW!  Contact Phoenixflames Kukulcan inworld for details!

Unrestricted use, build your own dreams! Whether you want to run luxury rentals, commercial business, or a private home, enjoy full estate manager controls on this private island, bordered on all 4 sides by the peaceful Linden Sea.

  • No paid account required 24/7 Professional Support Estate Manager Rights
  • Terraform as you like! YOUR CHOICE! Change Environment and Sim Textures Region­Wide Bans
  • Adult? Moderate? General? YOUR CHOICE!
  • Commercial or Residential. YOUR CHOICE! Why not both? Restart the Sim when YOU think it needs it.
  • NO neighboring Sims! Complete Privacy is YOURS.


Desert Morning. Terraform and texture the land as YOU want.


Sand, Grass, Water. Terraform however you like! Change the terrain textures as well! With Estate Manager Privileges, you can make things look like YOUR dream!


Sitting on a bench, in the rain, with your sLove, your dream? Make it so!


Weather is just one option YOU control in YOUR Dream. Make your dreams come true!

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