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The Torch EG Wants To Hear Your Crazy Relationship Stories

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Hi, people of Second Life, I'm looking for some second life content for the Second Life part of my site (www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com).

I would love for you to answer the question 

"What is your crazy Second Life relationship story?" 

Here are the rules: 

1) No drama in the forum thread below
2) No SL Usernames AKA no naming and shaming 
3) I do want to publish the best stories onto my site and you will be credited for it. Nothing will be changed other than, of course,  grammatical, spelling errors and any names put forward by you to protect the person or persons involved. 
4) Second Life Relationships only please, length of time you were in the relationship doesn't matter I.e. From a week to a month or a year etc. 
5) Humourous stories only the crazier the better. This should be fun to share your experiences with others. 
6) Please, no mean-spiritedness. This should be all in good fun. This is not meant to be a platform for you bash your ex.

7) Give some advice at the end of it, maybe something you wish you would have known before the relationship and what you learnt afterwards. 

8) If you would like to be totally Anonymous you can do so, message me in the Forum inbox as well! 

The Best four crazy relationship stories will be published over the month on The Torch Entertainment Guide. 

Got any questions? Email me at kenniem@thetorchentertainmentguide.com 

Thank you. 


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