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10 years (or less ) Challenge

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Maybe a slight improvement?

July 2007: July 2019:    

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I have an earlier photo somewhere of sailing in a wedding dress (modded from the system steampunk female avatar) from late 2011 but can't seem to find it.

So instead (beaches from Baja Norte area, which has changed over time but still delightful)

2014: (beware of the birds!)BajaNorteBikini1_008.thumb.png.67b25ba3dd621b542487ba1eaf147dcb.pngBajaNorteBikini1_005.thumb.png.af8940538d79369da101412ff2c15a99.png


2020: (with hair that I've worn for multiple years before)


2020 (with new shorter haircut because longer hair = 59,259 complexity!)



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I started in 2010 but don't have any pictures from that time.  My oldest picture is this one, in 2014:


I had a weird weakness for Goth and Asian things back then.


There have been many, many different reincarnations of my avatar in the last decade.  There have been too many to keep track of.  I have been most races, human, succubus, and elf, and several odd things as well.  It got to be too much, and moving into 2020 I overhauled my entire inventory and started over with a single look.






It brings me joy.  :)




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I finally dug up the 2011 (or 2012) sailing picture -- I had "copied" instead of "cut" from somewhere so it didn't have the 2011 creation date. I renamed it so at least I can search for it easier in the future.

It seems rather blurry compared to today's sailing (or maybe my current computer capabilities) -- yet I remember being thrilled by it!

If you zoom in on my head you can see I'm wearing the classic "Female Steampunk Hair (skull)" with the little hat on top, that is still available in Library -> Clothing -> Older Outfits -> Female Steampunk Avatar


I don't recognize the boat but maybe someone else will?






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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 366 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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