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Can I have some help


Hello, I’m having a bit of a problem with my computer, it started after I downloaded this game. When I was just starting it, I accidentally unplugged it which caused it to shut down. Turning it back on, I realized I couldn’t use my laptops keyboard (The battery doesn’t hold a charge so it has to be plugged in). Did I catch a virus or something? Please help!

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The problem comes from the hard shut down. That you recently downloaded and were launching the viewer is coincidental. 

The SL system and downloads are well protected. Catching a virus from SL is WAY unlikely. If it did happen that a virus was spiked into an SL download, you would hear like 10K screaming people and a flood of posts about it in this forum. That hasn't happened.

Your problem is in the laptop settings. Laptops have settings to enable/disable various features on the laptop for use with docking stations, external keyboard & mouse, and for additional security when mobile. Look through you various function key locks.

For this problem Google is your best bet. Keyboard Stopped Working. Without specific information about the brand of laptop and model, there is little we can suggest.

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