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37 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

Oh dear... residents are going to be moving in excavators and destroying all the hard work of the Moles now trying to find the literal meaning behind that little tidbit of information!

It's gonna be mayhem!

Where do we sign up? *revs bulldozer motor*

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5 hours ago, Constantine Linden said:

Not necessarily the LAND surface, but....

That's just evidence of how large and devastating the Great Heterocea Pickle Factory Explosion of 2003 (or tGHPFE2003 for short) was! All these artifacts were strewn around Belliseria, landing in the seas and oceans a decade and a half before the Moles tribe came in and started to convert the area to land.
All the signs still point to the legends being true. The Primitar people must have known how to make pickles!

I have included a graphic which shows evidence of tGHPFE2003.
A note about the cone of destruction: One would think that there would be an abundance of artefacts inside and somewhat outside of the cone of destruction (3) on Sansara, but one must keep in mind that the area has been inhabited for a very long time and the vast amount of artefacts were recovered by residents who were clueless about the importance of those finds. Not rarely have the pickles and other artefacts that landed there been used as fertilizer, as building materials, as light bulbs, or as necklaces, causing them to get lost forever, at a great cost to the scientific community.

Edited by Fritigern Gothly
Updated Map
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