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Having Fun in Bellisseria

Soull Starlight

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Lessons in Persistence and Flexibility a course offered by SL:

The goal was to paddle from my houseboat in Coral Bay to my fantasy home in Aramis.  I can do this.  Turn down the graphics.  Turn down the draw distance.  What boats to I have?  A search of my inventory showed I had 1 old sailboat freebie that I got in 2016.  Nope.  So I rezzed a kayak from my boat rezzer and started my journey.1.jpg.b1a4b35ede7b038d0460b0191724e3d5.jpg2.jpg.35c73932f13656ad63afc08eb4377160.jpg

Navigated the Pyri Peaks:



About halfway to my destination a region crossing got me.  Dang it!  I swim to the nearest rez zone and rez that freebie boat.  It will have to do because I am not going back to the beginning to rez another kayak.


It's far from perfect, but it kind of floats.  I hate the saying "We're all in the same boat now".  No.  We're not.  To add insult to injury, I had to pass by the magnificent Bellisserian Parade boat Steamwheeler.  I was tempted to just have it ram into me, but I moved slowly out of the way and continued my journey.

This should be good.


Dang it all again!  I am stopped 3 regions from my destination by a bridge I can't go under.


Stubbornness is now setting in.  I will NOT walk home!


Thank you, moles and Lindens!


Made it.  I may need to buy a damn boat.


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Twins of Rivendell.

I was hanging around home in Belli with sl twin Bevin and just took some photos since we do tend to dress alike. Also caught a photo of my munchkin falling asleep. The fantasy side of Belli was the perfect spot to capture some photos. :)

Florine and Matilda Autumn_023.png

Florine and Matilda Autumn_026.png

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Usually when I take to exploring the fantasy regions of Bellisseria, I do so on my horse.  This time I decided to go with my taxi-bug and see how well the roads handled her.  I was very impressed, and think this was one of my favorite experiences while driving.


I should have hidden the GUI, but was not planning on uploading this until just recently.  It was an enjoyable experience, despite it being on roads better suited for an appropriately themed vehicle :) Thankfully, the area was empty, and no one was aware that a 70s style bug had been trampling on the flowers 😜

Despite the low FPS due to an aging laptop with SL running on higher settings, Catznip does a remarkable job and it felt very responsive.

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I had two tries for the last seacoast home at Barmwich, struck out.  But you really don't need an army of alts in that situation, things are moving so fast.  You just need to be THE PERSON who happens to refresh at the exact right moment.  I've beaten out armies of alts using only one or two accounts many times, just by watching the region closely.

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