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How's it goiing?

Toola Triellis
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Quite some time ago, as The Marketplace took over SLExchange, I left SL for other reasons.  Looked like a rough transition, and frankly, I had bigger fish to fry, so I totally left.

So how did it go?  Did LLab ever get rid of the Magic Boxes?  That was implied to have been completed around March or so.  Did they resolve their problems with delivery of shopping cart purchased items?

I guess I'm curious to know if it's safe now, to come back into the Marketplace.

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It was a rough transition, I stepped far back while it was happening & used that time to focus more on non-SL projects... but I could not help but notice how long & ardous the process was for others more involved. Now that it is all finally over everything is pretty good & the Marketplace is running smoothly!

Linden Lab is doing a lot of work to draw all eyes to the Marketplace so it is now (or soon will be) the central part of the SL economy, I believe this is their goal. So if you want to get back in there as a merchant on the Marketplace it is a good time to do so!

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