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Approximate Body Measuring Tape

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this approximates the circumference of an ellipse (prim cylinder)

// approximate body measuring tape
// rez a cylinder prim
// stick this script in it
// sit on a pose stand to keep still
// size the prim to approximately fit your bust
// touch the prim, and it will say what the approx. measurement of your bust is
// do the same for waist and hips, and any other body parts as you like

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        vector s = llGetScale();
        // approximate the circumference
        float x = s.x / 2.0;
        float y = s.y / 2.0;       
        float c = llSqrt((x * x + y * y) / 2.0) * TWO_PI;
        integer cms = llRound(c * 100.0);        
        integer inches = llRound(c * 39.37);
        llSay(0, "cms = " + (string)cms + " inches = " + (string)inches);


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