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Upstart Club/Venue Looking for staff

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Hello All, 

I am planning to open a new club/concert venue. I am looking for an experienced General Manager, Hosts and DJ's (and managers for both)

It will be a Multi Genre Club, located on a city type sim. Pay is negotiable 

Contact me inworld (jeffscott00) or reply here

Jani Starr


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Hi Jani!

My name is Katydid Something and I used to own a popular venue in SL named Molaskey's Pub. We had music 3-4 days a week. I was responsible for hiring musicians, posting events, hosting events, changing seasons, some building, maintaining parcel sound, renting shop spaces. We hosted mostly singer/songwriter types, including Max Kleen, Lyndon Heart, Stratus MacTavish, TerryLynn Melody, Mama Saiz, Beth Odets, and many others. I am also a graphic designer by trade which was a plus developing Molaskey's Pub. Even though the we closed it years ago, if you google it you can still find reviews and articles about its prominence in SL from 2007 to somewhere around 2014. 

I am interested in applying for the GM position, depending on the demands and the chemistry.

I am retired and living in Baja Mexico (SL timezone) and have family responsibilities so I would need to work around that. I have just started back in SL again, after the installation of fiber optic internet service in my neighborhood (I can actually move in SL again!)


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