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I would just keep trying, I had the same thing the first time that I used Virwox exchange and I just tried again later it was fine. It is probably just checking that your Paypal account is valid.


Are you using Lindex or one of the other exchanges?

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OK then I would say the message will just be temporary like it was with me, I found Virwox to be great after I got that message the first time. My money was in Paypal within 24 hours. Their website info says this about the API message:

Why is my Linden dollar deposit denied by the Risk API?

Linden Lab does not tell us (or anybody), why their Risk API passes or denies payment. They just say it is dynamic and has several variables. It helps that a resident has a Second Life account with 30 days or more with payment information on file.

In our experience, this is sometimes just a temporary problem which disappears in a few hours.

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If you are trying to sell L$ and getting the Risk API message, don`t panic, it is more common with new accounts or accounts with no payment info on file, but is often just temporary and if you try again later it will probably work.

For any other risk to your account that you may be talking about, the first thing you should do is change your password.

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