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Singularity Viewer Coughs Up a Hairball

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Those running Singularity Viewer are having a hard time today and have had for a week or so. But, now there is no quick fix.

Problems with bake fail (not rezzing - staying a particle ball), stuff popping a "not in database" error, and inventory problems...are all symptoms.

There is a fix. Update the viewer to one of the Nightly build versions.

Word from the main man at Singularity...


[2019/07/02 12:31]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): So the singu thing is two different issues people are mixing up, actually. The first, Torric mentioned already, we put out a test build yesterday or so and its UDP was broken somewhat, I pushed out a fixed build without version bump shortly thereafter.

[2019/07/02 12:32]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): The other issue is the worse one, probably what Nal brought up. UDP is broken on Alpha and Release singu, on the RC regions, I'm fairly sure. which is good, that means your changes to turn it off are now working. Unfortunately, we're amidst a lull in developer availability, and so Linux libraries haven't been rebuilt yet, so our release is  latent.

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thank you  Liru. Is there any way for Sing users to keep up with what is happening?

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): what I'm thinking to do, is to fix all the release blockers (I have nearly all done), and update the Windows release them, when everything is sorted, we will do a more complete release along with release notes.

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): aside from watching my repository, not yet.

For more SL news see my blog. Singularity Viewer Goes Sideways


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I suggest, for anyone running Singularity either on an older PC or simply for the classic interface, that you switch to Cool VL Viewer until the Singularity devs resolve the issues. Yeah you can use one of the nightly builds but those are essentially alpha releases and probably not good to rely on for anything important. Cool VL Viewer is stable, actively maintained (by Henri Beauchamp) and runs very well on underpowered systems. Cool VL Viewer is NOT in the third-party viewer list for reasons that Henri outlines on his website, sldev.free.fr.

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Anyone at Singularity know when they are going to have an update for Macs?  I've been using Singularity for years and love it, but the last Mac update was 3 years ago, and so many things have SNAFU'd with the viewer, I had to go to another.  Singularity is the best viewer for RP and building and would like to keep with it, but it is impossible to use now on Mac OX (no bento, aforementioned difficulties with inventory, teleporting problems, etc.)

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I am not a Singularity developer but I have followed its development for the past several years. If you are looking for an updated "stable release" you most likely already have it. Since that time they have released many "alpha" versions and even more recently, "test" versions. On the main page of the Singularity web site somewhere in the upper left corner, there is a list of links, two of them being "alpha" and "test" builds. The newer ones will be the test builds.

They are working on several problems at the same time so there has been no schedule of when a new stable release will drop. For more information and a brief Q&A with the lead Singularity developer, check out Nalates Urriah's blog (links in the OP).


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Bonjour je tenais à dire que j'ai exactement le même problème que la personne: 
mon inventaire est complètement chargé mais il n'y a aucun dossier sur la singularity !

1 :  Après avoir supprimé tous les dossiers!

2 : A près avoir supprimé toutes les caches! web + PC

3 J'ai décidé de tester le téléspectateur de Second Life et il n'y avait pas de problème, alors j'installe maintenant FIRE il n'a pas de problème.

4: Je réinstalle la singularity et le problème est encore là oO ???

Ma partenaire a exactement la même version que moi, alors qu'elle n'a pas été réinstallée et elle fonctionne donc correctement pour elle oO

Qui à une solution?

Pour les personnes comme moi qui sont là depuis 2004 : Le menu classique sur le téléspectateur est vraiment important pour nous . 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 647 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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