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🌴July 2nd - Only at Paradise Desires...🌴

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Mark the date and make the time!

Paradise Desires, a new haven for kinky minds and music aficionados, is bringing you memorable nights with remarkable talents, artists that would certainly bring satisfaction to your heart and tickle that soft spot deep in your soul... Don't miss out our July Live Music Events!

  • Join our group to get notified on every set and gig (copy&paste to your local chat): secondlife:///app/group/031d443d-b093-fa26-71b2-f50410335d57/about 
  • Only at Paradise Desires ...

      Join us tonight!

        July 2nd
          6-7 PM SLT ------- Sassy Nitely
          7-8 PM SLT ------- Hogan Baily
          8-9 PM SLT ------- Alex G. Lee


We are now looking for experienced Hosts/Hostesses and reliable Security.

If you are interested, please contact us in-world and arrange an interview with us!

  • Owners: Paradise Delight,  ღDez Cassadyღ (desire4all)
  • Officer: Wen (Kitty8230)


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