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Changes made to processing credit

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LL posted this today: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2577-important-changes-to-your-second-life-account-introducing-tilia/


The Tilia TOS states:


If you have funds in your Stored Value Balance and have not made any transfers to or from or otherwise accessed your Stored Value Balance for a period of twelve (12) months, your Stored Value Balance will be deemed an “Inactive Account.”  Other forms of access besides a transfer include, for example, a balance inquiry or accessing your Account.  Unless prohibited by applicable law, we reserve the right to deduct from any Stored Value Balance that is an Inactive Account a fee in the amount of the lower of (i) the amount set forth in our Fee Schedule or (ii) the balance of funds in the Inactive Account (the “Inactivity Fee”). The Inactivity Fee will be charged each successive month for as long as the Stored Value Balance is an Inactive Account.

We will provide you notice, in the form of an email to the email address you have registered with us at least three (3) days before any Inactivity Fee is deducted from your Inactive Account.

We will deduct an Inactivity Fee from your Stored Value Balance each month until one of the following events occurs:

  1. you make a transfer of funds into or out of, or otherwise access, your Stored Value Balance, such that it is no longer an Inactive Account; or
  2. the balance of your Inactive Account reaches zero; or
  3. you process a credit from your Stored Value Balance to a permitted account as described in Section 3.3.3 above.

For avoidance of doubt, you may process a credit or make payments to the relevant Provider out of your Stored Value Balance at any time, even if your Stored Value Balance is an Inactive Account.


This is very concerning I think for people who hardly make use of processing credit...

What if someone who never buys lindens nor cashes out suddenly gets a gift from a friend and now wants to process it to Paypal or their bank account? A year later having made no transactions has their account made inactive and starts to accrue interest and has to pay it... This just seems unfair to be penalized for hardly ever using a service. 

I am sure others here can think of similar situations for why they hardly process credit out  but they are now going to penalized for doing it just once.


This is just setting off lots of alarm bells and a great big "UUUUH NO NOT HAPPENING!" from me.


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Posted (edited)

"Second Life remains free to access and enjoy" but there will now be a charge for anyone who doesn't spend money.  :/ 

At least it says they're not planning to charge your payment method if you have zero $ balance. That was my first worry. 

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There is a lengthy discussion elsewhere in the community forum.  There are clarification posts from Linden Lab official account on pages 5 and 7 (so far).  I encourage you to take a look there to get correct information.  



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