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ACS script end user help

Frederika Rayna

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Not sure this is the right forum,but I have a MC with the ACS script and was wondering if anybody knows how to fine tune the steering controls for a more controllable ride? not fast and racing just more stable and not crashing into the left and right walls all the time lol yeah I know i need "practice" but they put all these adjustments in there but nobody ever explains what to adjust for more of a beginner" experience.Any Suggestions? 

Let's ride!


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I don't use KCP/ACS scripts much anymore as I have my own proprietary script system.  However, that being said, this is what I remember about the KCP/ACS script system.  Go into the menu & you'll find the following buttons or something similar.  After making changes you'll need to ride it to see if you achieved that to which you are seeking regarding performance & handling.  Some things will be rather simple & straight forward, others might take considerable seat time. Try it & see if it helps you.  Good luck.

The main menu:

Turbo:  Basically increases your speed in each gear.

OPTIONS:   Takes you to a secondary menu for fine tuning with  the choice to select:

Controls:  Enables you to adjust your Gears, Brakes, skid, banking, steering and gravity

Gears:  Will let you and add and subtract gears in your vehicle.

Brakes:  sets your stopping distance.

Skid:  determines how your bike drifts in a turn.

Banking:  determines your bikes lean in a turn.

Gravity:  Gravity aka down force applies a strong additional gravity to the vehicle. This is usually helpful for keeping racing vehicles slammed down onto a track. Extreme gravity is smaller vehicles may result in unwanted side-effects.

Steering:  Enables you to change the steering parameters at the lower speeds,
                it is the main power applied to the vehicle for turning:

This is probably the most important setting on a vehicle if you intend to race, or ride at higher speeds.
VelMult is a steering velocity multiplier level. Increases turn power with speed to counteract centrifugal force steering loss at higher speeds.
The faster you go, the more you need to increase your turning setting.

VAttrac value controls how quickly a banking vehicle tries to spring back to normal alignment.

NOS/RECVR changes which buttons shift gears up or down.  Either the PG-UP/PG-DN, or the Shift A & D

Drift adjusts the amount of sideways slide on corners.

Bonus is an additional steering power that increases the longer you hold the control key. A very low amount can be helpful for high speed handling. May want to set to 0 for tiny vehicles.

Resist: this works like a kind of friction for the turning rotation axis. Adjust this if your vehicle oversteers or does not steer enough after adjusting steering.

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I've struggled with that. Steering with arrow keys is very limiting. Most SL bikes oversteer so you can take the turns on racetracks at high speed. You can't keep those things in lane on an SL road. I've built bikes which understeer; you can follow SL roads, but can't take track turns at full speed. Pick one or the other. There are bikes with multiple modes and tuning parameters, for people who like menus. Per policy, I can't link to anything.

I want joystick input to LSL. You can hook a joystick to SL, and I have one, but it doesn't help vehicle control. Just avatar control. All you get in LSL is arrow key events. The helicopter and aircraft people would really like joysticks.

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