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Hi. I have some L$ on my account and thought to quit SL so I want to exchange it to US$ and send to paypal. I added paypal as payment method but can't sell L$ no matter what...


 This transaction would exceed your daily trading limit by US$32.40.
Your daily trading limit is US$0.00

I taked a look how to increase Lindex Trading Limits and... it tell me to do it I need to BUY L$... while they are now useless for me...

How can I fix that problem step by step?

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There's a clock that starts when you make your first $L purchase.  You have to make at least one purchase to start the clock.  After 30 days, you will be able to sell $L.

I suggest buying a small amount of $L, say $5.00 US.  Wait patiently.  Then sell all your $L.

Bear in mind that your PayPal account has to be "verified", backed up by a credit card or a RL bank account, to use it as your payment method in SL.  Also keep in mind that once you sell your $L, you must then do a separate "Process Credit" transaction to move the money from your $USD Balance to your PayPal account.  The minimum amount for a Process Credit transaction is $10 USD.

There's one exception.  If you are in the process of closing out your account and leaving SL, you can do a smaller Process Credit transaction.  Also, while I am not sure, the 30 day rule might not apply.  See: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/account-balance-r1/#Section__2_2


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The "clock"is there basically as a way to discourage people from creating a throwaway account and using it for one day to import a huge amount of money, and then export it right away ..... money laundering. LL could get in a lot of trouble with the feds if they made that sort of scheme too easy. 

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