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looking for a RP guide

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hey everyone! :)

Im new in that kind of stuff, have been roleplay before tho (online and IRL). I want to meet ppl on SL who can help and teach me what i need to know and of cours RP with me :3 


looking for:

  • mentor
  • friends to play with
  • groups for type of games (like VTM and stuff)
  • ppl that into medival and fantasy RP
  • ppl that into apocalips RP 


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Hi there!

I'm probably not the best one to help you since I'm not longer actively engaging in role play, but like you I had been role playing before I came to SL on various other formats. If you know the basics on how to role play then you're already pretty much there in terms of knowing what you need to know. Knowing how to emote (/me) is pretty much the cornerstone of RP in SL.

So in the Local/Nearby Chat bar, typing "/me" (minus quotation marks) followed by actions and dialog.

/me started typing as the words sprang to mind. "This is useless," she muttered, "No one's ever going to read it!"

That's it. That's RP in a nutshell.

Personally I'd be wary of searching for a "guide" and running the risk of stifling your creativity. There's absolutely nothing wrong with learning as you go (and for some this is actually more beneficial). You might be lucky enough to find people willing to help you if you explain to them you're still learning or "new" - whether that means to a particular genre, RP region, or RP in SL in general. 

There are people who are pretty hardcore, meaning they have a strictly defined perception of what RP is and how it should be done, and then there are those who are the opposite end of the spectrum to the point that the line between RP and OOC chatter blurs. Where you fit on that sliding scale depends on you, your interests, and your level of dedication or immersion to what you want to write. You'll probably be able to find something without too much effort, but maybe its more a matter of finding others that share your passion as opposed to those who just want more dots on their particular map.

In terms of finding groups that's easy enough. Open the Search menu in your viewer and look for RP/roleplay groups that way. Same process for finding actual places to RP. 

I think you'll have better luck finding people once you engage in a few RP groups. If nothing else that alone should broaden your horizons in terms of potential mentors and locations. 

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for! :) 

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