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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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Just to clear this up:   Last week, I said "Not this week, or next week".   That now refers to the week of 22 March through 28 March.  I also said "thousands" as in over 4000. I don't know, may

I've died and gone to Bellessaria Heaven. My new place is better than I could have imagined. Roads on 3 sides, with an edge of protected land so it gives the illusion my yard is huge. A river mou

I got a home ! 

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On 7/16/2020 at 9:59 PM, Aisleyne said:

It's much more than 5 homes it's closer to 20!!

I have LM's and screenshots.  It's not even something that took up much time as people started contacting me in world after I started posting on here and sharing that these people had houses on regions they lived on, or they'd been house hunting and came across their properties... as they are pretty distinctive.



If you have verifiable evidence of what you are declaring here, you should report to Linden, because it seems a clear breach of the Linden Houses Terms of Service. These  homes can't be transferred or rented noways.

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On 7/17/2020 at 7:59 AM, Aisleyne said:

It's much more than 5 homes it's closer to 20!!

people with money do odd things sometimes, just because they can

back in the day before Linden Homes more than one person had a parcel on every mainland region. Literally thousands of parcels and all they ever had on them ever was a prim under the ground with a single script in it.  And for all the years these people had the parcels they never publicly said why.  Any attempt by residents to have a conversation about a parcel nearby on their region was met with silence

of course people speculated endlessly about spies and all sorts of nefarious purposes but those speculations were met with silence also


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18 minutes ago, Fay Starlight said:

awww it will find someone that loves it hopefully :)


I loved the steps---

steps are always a plus   ,but this home has been moving through lots of hands by now 

   its taken .hope he or she loves it enough to keep 

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Some time ago I was very critical with the "GoH players".  It was just something I didn't understand, let's say I didn't make many friends in this thread due to my comments, but all that's already past.   Each person can spend their money as they want... Luckily and after many attemps with my only Premium account, I got my Victorian LM in the location that I liked, coastal and with sea.   

I still following this thread by curiosity, but I'm negatively surprised about those supposed fraudulent  LH trading,  and much more of threats to other players to leave their LH.  If true I think this has reached very dangerous levels, I think most of us play Second Life to get a positive experience and not to be harassed or threatened in that way.    I agree that this issue is not the subject of the thread, any of the above behaviors must be reported to Linden.


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44 minutes ago, Armani223 said:

Sorry if I’ve already missed the discussion on this , but has there been an indication of approximately when the new themed stilt houses will be released? 

All we know is it will be after the move of SL servers to the cloud (the "uplift" project) is complete. Expected to be in the Autumn, but we all know IT projects can slip.  That said, some of the regions on the ADITI test grid are already up and running on AWS servers so that gives cause for optimism that the move to the cloud will complete in Autumn

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