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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

Nika Talaj
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1 hour ago, Laurelrose Anthony said:

No worries.  I am casually keeping watch for my main to get a home.  However, I am considering leaving her homeless in anticipation of Super Premium.  😛

And there are also all those new themes coming at some point. :) 

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14 hours ago, Eirynne Sieyes said:

Perhaps we don't need a free avi to become Super Premium. What if a Premium avi could just upgrade?

I believe someone at LL mentioned that there would be upgrade paths.  But we don't really need to think about that now, because Premium Plus has been delayed.



We have made the decision to delay the deployment of Premium Plus based on two key factors:

  1. We want to be focused on our Uplift project (move to the cloud) and to minimize distraction for our development, QA, and Ops teams. While we’ve laid a lot of groundwork, quite a bit more still remains to finish Premium Plus.
  2. The pandemic has brought a lot of financial uncertainty to people all around the world and we know many of our Residents have been hit hard.

We are very happy that SL has provided an outlet for people where they can connect, escape, engage safely, and earn a living or supplement their income as well. But we also realize that introducing a higher-priced service level in this time would be really ham-handed.


I can’t promise a time line, but early 2021 is reasonable to expect. If we find ourselves in a position to move up that time line, we’ll certainly explore that. Without any actual plans to that effect, we may find, for example, that a different type of service level than Premium Plus is a better offering for the times we find ourselves in come Fall.

– Grumpity Linden, May 12th, 2020


Quotes from @Inara Peyhttps://modemworld.me/2020/05/13/second-life-premium-plus-roll-out-postponed/

Personally, I'm happy enough to see this.

Oh, and I have to say that, once again, I find myself admiring Grumpity's communication skills.  She expresses things so clearly and forthrightly, without being brusque.

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I normally cringe when I see Holton Center, on my landpage, but this lot I am putting back is one I have never had before and it's not too bad...

Has a lot of privacy as it is higher than neighbors and has privacy hedges that really work not just make the lot look spartan...and directly behind it is a rocky hill and on top is a flowery seating area with a couple garden tables the moles left behind. Land is on a slope with a longer than usual sidewalk as well, so it is set back from the roadway.

 I can see that with some garden work this could be really quite nice and private! 



http://slurl.com/secondlife/Holton Center/176/232/0

Going to place it back in a few minutes.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 449 days.

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