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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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Just to clear this up:   Last week, I said "Not this week, or next week".   That now refers to the week of 22 March through 28 March.  I also said "thousands" as in over 4000. I don't know, may

I've died and gone to Bellessaria Heaven. My new place is better than I could have imagined. Roads on 3 sides, with an edge of protected land so it gives the illusion my yard is huge. A river mou

I got a home ! 

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I grabbed a Log Cabin long enough to get the Content pack, but I don't think I'm interested in actually having one right now.

I have exhausted my 5 homes on 2 accounts trying to get a better Traditional or Camper location.

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OMG Got one on the water in Adelay.


Caveat - will it stay that way? I see it's at the edge of the land. mmmm please oh please oh please

Edit: not so sure. Phooey. I see a road to nowhere. Ugh. don't know if i should keep this one or not...choices

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 Derrick Linden:  Hey guys - with the homes being released, a ton of new log home owners are cycling through homes looking at them, which is putting a large amount of load on the regions due to the scripts. If you can, please avoid cycling through the various styles of homes, going through your home settings, etc, if at all possible while there's a heavier load. Otherwise you could end up with situations like houses rezzed on top of each other.


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