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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

Nika Talaj
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I have three lots on Caithness I am gonna release---I collected them last night, LOL. I have one on the cliff overlook and the two on the reflecting pool. I am waiting for a couple friends to log on to see if they want a chance to get one, so I am not letting them go just yet, but should be soon and I will come back here and let everyone know. I also have a boat I am mulling dumping, and a little river house as well. I will put some links below to everything.I am still a bit hesitant about the boat and river house, but if someone really really wants it and IMs me you can probably talk me out of them. LOL




http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millers Pond/64/218/25


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36 minutes ago, Faydra Foden said:

I am in the process now of dumping the Caithness lots! Starting with the cliff side!

Okay the cliffy and one Reflection Pool are gonzo, I had a friend beg me to hold one, so I am stopping with those two being let go, however, I am now gonna dump a lot on Medicine Hat instead!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Medicine Hat/218/130/81

Signing on my alt and it will be back in TGOH in about 9:07


Medicine still a linden home!


Okay it's gonzo now!


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40 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

Getting ready to release this one in Hardtack. I was tempted to keep it because it has so much going on, but I need to free up the alt that owns it to wait on new releases! This corner parcel is near a bridge, houseboats/water, and a river. :)


LOL this is like my imaginary dream Victorian house site, on the coast with sandy beach and also a green yard and by a river and views of railroad and mole sounds of birds, water, crickets...and...secluded, yet open feeling ha ha.  It probably doesn't exist but it is fun to click and look :D  and in the meantime I am happy with my current house(s)

I forgot a frog pond!!  Gotta have one of those.  Going out to vote now, hope my dream Victorian does not appear while I am gone !

Also...Camper just appeared and disappeared on Land Page, nothing else

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Hey, I let my terrific Saltmarsh boat go a few days ago (congrats, whoever got it!) to go for a Log Home, and now I haz a week or so to hop!  Hooray!

I'll be letting this trad go soon, say at 9:15 SLT.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thunderhead/85/137/73

The landscaping is incredibly hilly and homes are placed so it has pretty good privacy.  Although it's real close to the terrific bridge/rail combo, the actual street it's on is a dead end.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 299 days.

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