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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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23 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

Do you think it might be more likely that LL will release a region when there isn't a group of people in it?   Standing in a region doesn't make it more likely that we'll get a home there, lol


*eyes the group of people in Light of Aurelia with puzzlement*

Just went to check a couple of minutes ago, people standing around and land still Gov. Linden's


Can they please evict people off my land stop eyeing my property lol I am just joking. I know because I want it I am not going to get anything in Light of Aurelia.

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2 minutes ago, MaryFiAllen said:

i want to say something... i promise not to die of envy or to be upset to the VERY VERY LUCKY ones that get those houses at light of aurelia. 

i wish them well . i will be very sad though if its not me.:)

I'm ok with not getting one there as long as I at least see the release happening and have a chance to try and get one..... If it happens during my wait period to refresh I will be very sad.....

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16 minutes ago, Rhyme Gardner said:

I have my alt parked at the Light of Aurelia roundabout.  It is so pretty there. Lets all hope for homes in that region.  :)

But you DO know there is no house- snatching inworld "first one there!" ... don't you?

Alt parking there or somewhere else you can only get it on the webpage.

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I think the red box stays until shortly after release.  Perhaps it can help them if there's some problem with the release. 

Or it may help them with their final QA before release.

QA.  Just like, y'know, it's possibly easier to tell if a region is still ready to release if there aren't a bunch of avies in it!

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6 minutes ago, AveryWitt said:

Of course we are all still just assuming that Light of Aurelia is the next to go and will go today...... I still see the red box around it..... Isn't that usually gone before region is released?

I am usually not in world when the releases happen I hear from word of mouth and people that are in the game/chat I can log in to my app to see. So not sure if the red box just disappears right when they release or before.

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