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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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Just to clear this up:   Last week, I said "Not this week, or next week".   That now refers to the week of 22 March through 28 March.  I also said "thousands" as in over 4000. I don't know, may

I've died and gone to Bellessaria Heaven. My new place is better than I could have imagined. Roads on 3 sides, with an edge of protected land so it gives the illusion my yard is huge. A river mou

I got a home ! 

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4 minutes ago, tootsiepop1 said:

Alright so I have to now pray to the linden gods to get a home in Light of Aurelia I wish I could see Pearlcoast but at work ah well.

But thanks to everyone that went in game to check.

Pearlcoast is nice, over looking the water but not beachy. Green lawns, on more of a "highway" looking road.

But the homes are set up on a very high incline so they have nice views of the water. 

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6 minutes ago, Chloe Dolores said:

I saw houseboats release ....

:::bangs head on desk::: I have been manually refreshing and logging in/out continuously since 8 am SLT and haven't seen a house or houseboat. I don't even know how that is possible when others are seeing multiples! And, yeah, I have a fast internet connection.

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If they went by how they usually go, and if they did one at all today, it'd likely be Everett and Light of Aurelia(since it has only a few houses).. Could throw a curveball, I guess.

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3 minutes ago, Elora Lunasea said:

Just got a house in Bellfry but I'm going to abandon. Looks like it's in the middle of nowhere 

That is very inlandish - canal on one side - hills on the other (maybe lateron campers?)

I wouldn't like to live there.


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