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I have been in SL for a little under a year and I have very few places I actually thoroughly enjoy.


  • Specific Places I Need Recommendations in
  1. All types of Stores  -  Animations - Furniture - Hair - Shoes - Accessories - Mesh Heads - Clothes - ETC     ! I Use Maitreya Body !
  2. Hangout spots of all kinds, places I can meet new people and friends in a welcoming community.
  3. Anywhere with beautiful Scenery, good for photography and/or exploring
  4. Gaming sims that is legal in all states (If it's possible) I've been dying to check one out; either General or moderate i'm guessing
  5. Job agencies and Educational Sims of any kind.


If I did not list anything you would recommend me, Tell me anyways because I want to broaden my horizons.

Also feel free to IM me in game. I should be on for a bit - Vimerietta

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Stores... we sort of need some idea of what you like. I have just under a gazillion LM's for stores I like. Addams, Blueberry, for sexy - pretty clothes and Scandalize for trashy HAWT. Wild Orchid for evening wear. Then there are events... these are probably the best for you. Lots of stores will have displays at the events. You can see and pick the ones you like, FaMESHed, COLLABOR88, Cosmopolitan Events, and then the web sites that track the events Seraphim and the awesome iHeartSL. All the top designers and many many new designers get posted in iHeartSL.

Hangouts... we way need to know what you like. There are SOOOooo many diverse types of places. Roleplay? Party places, Dance, music, pick up (as in meat rack), BDSM... LGBT... GOR... Politics, Religion, Philosophy... Use in and out world search to find groups. The people in the group you like will know the places...

Scenery... zOMG! The forum isn't big enough for the list. Jump to the Destination Guide or bounce over to Flickr and check the Explore Second Life group. Also, look in the SL Forum's How Does Your Avatar Look Today... - This is a group that is friendly and fun, so it hits on a couple of your requests and they are always looking for backdrops to show off their avatars.

Gaming... sort of like gambling... I don't. So no recommendations.

Jobs & Education... These are a bit harder to find. There is an SL Forum section for each. Use the top menu here or forum search. The Destination Guide is a good choice for these too.

There are numerous groups in SL, support, gaming, fashion,... think it up and someone has most likely already done it. Check out Topless Cruising (sailing), check out Get The Freight Out -  a shipping and transport game, flying groups - I find so many places and things flying a helicopter, motorcycle clubs that ride through SL...

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