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5248 sqm for rent directly on the Blake Sea. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/88/209/22

Land as shown in picture is above water, but can also be sunk to be a water parcel if you like.

     ** I offer custom terraforming if you need it, or custom land set up as well as several house options if you have no house to rez.

1800 prims available (until the prim allowance goes up on June 24th ! )

     ** Price will NOT increase, you will simply have more prims to use :)

Looking for long term tenant(s) so I offer a 9.3% discount for paying monthly

2400 per week, or 8700 per month. Meter is set to weekly currently, but will be changed for any payment plan.

Land group offers ownership abilities including terraforming and land access & settings control

     ** Land group is specific to this parcel, not shared by other properties :)

     ** You have ability to add friends or co-renters to the group, or remove them :)

Contact me in world with an Instant Message or Notecard if you have any questions of for a group invite.

land 3.png

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