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Cyberpunk / Dystopian Hangout with Kym

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Hey everyone!

Scene: My RP is set a few decades from now or in an alternative universe and is cyberpunk / dystopian themed. I stay in character at all times when I’m there.

Back story: I’m a young woman who got in with the wrong crowd and got into trouble. I found a way out and am running with another group who are a giving me a lot of support. The government also ‘helped’ by giving me a place to live. It’s an old abandoned plot of land where an old house used to be. They dropped a pretty standard habitation pod onto it (messed the fence up though...) and then left me to it. 

My new group of friends come by sometimes to hangout and use my place and sometimes take me on adventures to amazing places.

The habitation pod is warm and that’s all that can be said about it really. Government repair bots are always there fixing it though.

I’ve got a dark secret that I’m trying to keep from my new friends though. They will find out soon and probably abandon me. 

Visitors: Anyone can drop by without invite and please do! It can be a bit lonely when I am there. Add me as a friend and come hangout. My username is KforCat


https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spinolds Flat/16/176

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This is a really common theme.  Have fun!  You shouldn't have trouble finding other people playing it. 

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