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Looking for a job - potential business partner?

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I’m looking to earn some L$ but have no experience in SL work. I would prefer a job where I can set my hours or the ability to work here and there with no set hours as I have RL commitments that come first.

I’m really interested in business and would love to be business partners with someone. The only problem would be that they would have to be willing/have the funds to pay to start everything until the business/we started earning money. If anyone would like to take me under their wing, I have some ideas for some businesses. 

I’m also open to any other suggestions. My current avatar is fairly new as I had left SL for a few years and just now returned to the community. I have some experience in SL but it has changed a lot since I last was here. 

Reply or message me inworld (KaliaLev).

- Mrs. Kalia Lev

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What kind of business are you looking to start and what can you bring to the table?


Your post doesn't have much information...

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I'm sorry but to be frank and honest... LightNina is quite right. From my perspective as a successful Entrepreneur and Investor I have to strongly question your post.

You start your thread by stating a few conditions:
- You're looking to earn L$, but you're new and have 0 SL skills
- You'd prefer a job where you can work with no set hours, just "here and there"
- You're wanting to become a business partner with someone but ask for them to come up with 100% funds on their own risk, all the way until the business is running well

I can't help wondering, as LightNina said so well, what YOU actually bring to the table. Because so far you have only stated information that limit yourself. And in fact, each of these statements above in itself already pretty much rule you personally out as a business partner for a serious business.

How do you want to be someone's business partner, if you have 0 SL skills to bring to the table? An idea alone doesn't mean much if you have 0 skills to help bringing it to life. You want to bring up a successful business with all strings attached, but demand to "work your desired hours, just here and there"? A successful business is a "24/7" job.
And last but not least, you want to become a business partner but can't even come up with any funds. Funding a new business over a few months time until it picks up and makes revenue is a highly risky thing. Why on earth should any sane person give you 100% funding for just an idea, where you said yourself, other than that you have 0 skills to bring to the table?

A business partnership is always a mutual thing with shared risk, work and revenue, but you have nothing to offer.

I'm sorry, beat me up for this, but being just blunt, you sound like you literally have 0 clue about business. You ask for a lot but want to give nothing, and expect somebody else to do the entire work, fund the entire thing, hold the entire risk until it is all smooth and running and you can scoop off the cash for nothing in return.


Here is my advise for you: Start small, search this "Employment" board here and work at businesses as intern, then get yourself into a small paid position. Learn the ropes, then maybe climb up to a Manager position, become someone's Personal Assistant or the likes and save the money you're making. While doing these things, start to learn some useful stuff for SL, like scripting, meshing, graphic design, etc. Just anything you'll need to successful start any business. THEN you can come back and find a business partner, because then you have something to offer yourself.

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