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Club Saarein Hireing Host & Dj's

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What is Saarein?
Saarein is a Second Life meeting place for females. Since Saarein’s owners (and a number of members of its staff) have been in SL for over 10 years, we are well aware that SL is SL and what that means for the regular female avatar! So, we do not place any restrictions on anyone’s RL gender. We’ll go even one step further… We allow male avatars in Saarein as well!! As long as you, as a male avatar, respect the fact that this is primarily a female Club to meet like minded females and you conduct yourself accordingly when visiting Saarein and using Saarein’s premises and garden(s).                Dj's & hosts receive 100% tips 
 ღ  Great Personality
 ღ  Willing to help the club grow  
 ღ  Djs must have their own stream 
 ღ  Work a Minimum of two shifts per week  
 ღ  Know how to send a notice
 ღ  Great Personality
 ღ  Willing to help the club grow   
 ღ know how to work a crowd without spaming gestures   
 ღ Work a Minimum of two shifts per week     
Saarein LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Theseus/133/141/34
For more information please contact us: 
anarya.vhargon- Owner 
demy.ansar- Owner 
Kendall9988- Manager     

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