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FREE artistic portraits available!

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Hello! My name is Takemasa. I took a long break from SL recently and have returned and have really gotten into editing photos.

I am interested in building my portfolio, as all I've been taking so far is pictures of myself and my partner. This means I am open for entirely free portraits, with all the details up to you! (Tips are greatly appreciated!)

I use Paint Tool Sai for painted on details (hair, shading, etc) with a tablet and photoshop to edit colors and add backgrounds. I am very proficient with Sai as I have been an artist almost all of my life, using the program for almost 9 years! I work as a photography studio assistant in RL, which means I have lots of editing photos to do as my job, so I am also quite skilled with Photoshop and continue to learn as I become more experienced with my job.

I have no limitations - the portrait is entirely up to you. Pose, style, background, whatever you can think of! It can be fullbody, halfbody, or a headshot. I can shoot on-location or with a green-screen background (Located in my humble, currently a bit empty abode). I am able to provide poses, however for on-location shoots it is best that you have your own pose ready. (I am even happy to pay for a pose for you if you'd like as a thank you for helping me build my portfolio! Just let me know.) I am completely flexible for whatever your needs are.

This offer is entirely first come, first serve. I would only like to take on about 10 clients at a time (which will be monitored with a queue). Being able to edit photos and make people happy means a lot to me as well as building my portfolio.

If you are interested in a free artistic portrait, please check out my Flickr for examples: https://www.flickr.com/people/182059718@N06/

Please contact me inworld at takemasaa Resident if you are interested, reply to this post, or message me privately here, and I will send a message your way in-world.

Attached is an example of what my work looks like before and after editing it.

I appreciate your time and I would love to do a portrait for you! Please send me a message in-world or a reply to this thread and I would be happy to assist you. If you are a fellow photographer or studio interested in working with me, please contact me as well.

Again, my contact is takemasaa Resident in world. Thank you for your time.


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Hi Takemasaa!

Your work is adorable! I am on vacation right now, so I just saw this post but I am very interested too. I have several alts plus my main, perhaps you might be more interested in photographing one of them? You can look through my flickr and see if any of my SL avatars interest you. FYI, right now there are a lot of real life images because like I said I'm away on vacation but if you keep scrolling you'll see plenty of my Second Life pictures too. I've been inworld for over a decade so I have a LOT of everything, poses, appliers, hair, clothing and can come up with any type of outfit or look you might want to shoot pretty much for your portfolio.  I also take good direction - have helped others through the years. I'll be back home after 7/2/19. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in working with me.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 846 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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