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Looking for friendly adventures

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Hello friends and enemies! It is me. Meat and it's a pleasure to greet you. I have been on the hunt for cool people to spend my secondlife time with and thought I would give this forum posting thing a try.


ᕙ(  • ‿ •  )ᕗ About me:


I'm a chilled laidback kind of person with a touch of aneixty. Somedays I might talk your ear off others I like to keep to myself. Very open-minded and welcoming to strangers, I can fit into most crowds. I would rather talk things out to the best if my abilities than fight and make drama. I like to stick with my friends. A few long meaningful friendships are better than a million short ones. My Avi is a shapeshifter of sorts. Normally something demonic or furry. Got a few human avis as well.


(。♡‿♡。) My husband:


I'm happily married to my husband in RL and SL. He is the best thing in the both world but not on SL much.


(・o・;) My Hobbies:


I like to make texture and show them off! Pretty much anything artsy and creative I love. I also enjoy exploring and playing games. Oh and shopping and freebie hunting!!! I use to do but haven't in years. Might be interested in doing it again.


¯\(°_o)/¯ What I'm looking for:


Looking to make friends in world to do stuff with.

Maybe a family?

Maybe a clan?

Just want people to hang out with. :)


p.s. will add some pic to thread at a later date 


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