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help finding ADULT PUBLIC sims for houses/ schools

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Are there any free traditional looking ADULT houses at locations with ADULT furniture open to the public?


Can anyone recommend ADULT school locations in SL?  I know about the popular university location (can't think if the name now) but my bf and I keep being kicked out because we have too much script.  I'm just looking for any type of school setting that is ADULT.


thank you

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2 minutes ago, Sandra8675 said:

my bf and I keep being kicked out because we have too much script. 

I don't know anything about the actual question, but I'm curious: why not just remove scripts? Usually it's pretty simple to get (way) below the threshold of fussiness for these sims:

Remove all scripts from re-texturable and/or resizable attachments (once you've got them the way you want them, you can keep the fully scripted copy in your Inventory and trash the scripts in the copy you actually wear)

Make a practice of removing any mesh avatar HUDs for, like, alpha cuts, tints, layers, etc. Wear them only while adjusting your outfit, then TAKE THEM OFF and only re-attach them briefly when you're changing outfits again (and then only if you need to change layers or if the outfit's auto-alpha doesn't work right on the avatar).

You may be able to do the same with a mesh head, depending whether the animation part is separate from the set-and-forget stuff in the head (or even lose the animation part, if you aren't dependent on those animations, which are usually pretty dreadful anyway, especially in the high-end heads like Catwa).

Any genitals or collars or stuff like that? Leave them off! Only ever wear those during play and remove them the moment you're done; they're massively laggy and really shouldn't be worn except under the most extreme conditions. (They've always been awful -- in fact, they used to be even worse -- but now script count is a huge and growing problem on more and more sims.)

If you need to be able to switch in and out of a set of attached scripts, consider using Firestorm's "Favorite Wearables" feature or, better, Catznip's Quick Preferences Folder option.

Now, all that said, there are some sims that boot on the basis of immediate script time upon arrival, instead of count. That's always wrong, but it wouldn't be worth anybody's time to try to explain why, so then yeah: you'd need to find more tech-savvy hosts in that case.

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